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8 & 22 Hoffman Square

Originally designed in the Greek Revival style by the architect D. R. Roper, this collection of Georgian and Victorian buildings in the heart of the City’s trendy, upscale Hoxton area has been redeveloped into luxury loft-style residential and office condominiums. Formerly known as the City & Islington College of Furniture Design, the main Georgian building has been renamed “The Hoffman Buildings,” after the eminent, contemporary furniture designer Josef Hofmann. The duplex style condominiums, mezzanine floors and open-plan layouts maximize space and natural light in the apartments. Many original features from the original 1825 building, such as high ceilings and exposed roof trusses, have been retained and restored. Each of the apartments is unique and benefits from a spacious “loft” feel. The Hoffman Buildings are ideally located near Old Street Station in close proximity to entertainment, recreation and cultural facilities. Knightsbridge acquired a group of completed apartments in this development for its portfolio.