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99 The Timberyard, Drysdale Street

This modern five-story development known as “City Lofts” is located in Hoxton, on the edge of central London. This neighborhood was targeted by Knightsbridge for its anticipated urban and cultural revival. The area has since transformed into one of London’s newest cultural quarters, and has been described as a “fashionable celebrity haunt and oasis of urban chic.” The old buildings and artistic community create a unique bohemian atmosphere, making Hoxton one of the most stylish places to live in London. Designed to blend in with the ambience of the area, Knightsbridge Properties offers spacious one and two-bedroom apartments. The live/work units offer ideal accommodations for the growing number of business people who choose to work from the comfort of their own home. These luxury apartments combine spacious living areas for home life and relaxation with convenient, but cleverly separated, workspaces for business use. Knightsbridge acquired this group of completed apartments in this development for its portfolio.