Firm profile

Knightsbridge Properties is a privately owned real estate investment, development and management firm with interests in New York and Europe.

Since 1997, the firm has earned a reputation for its ability to identify unique investment opportunities, execute favorable acquisition strategies, and maximize the return to investors from the properties it acquires and manages.

Knightsbridge takes a strategic approach, targeting properties in proven locations as well as up-and-coming neighborhoods. The firm’s core areas of expertise are the design-led redevelopment of historic properties into residential, commercial and retail uses, and the execution of a highly efficient asset management strategy.

Since its founding, Knightsbridge has successfully implemented a diversified growth strategy through its uncompromising pursuit of quality and value. The firm’s belief in the transformative power of architecture has informed its vision for the re-mastering of historic and landmarked buildings. Its seasoned project management team works with world-renowned architects and designers to transform these distinctive properties into exceptional contemporary living and working environments. The redeveloped properties command a premium in the market by capturing the attention of discriminating clients who seek the highest levels of style and quality in the most desirable neighborhoods.

Recognizing that the single most important factor in protecting and enhancing the long-term value of properties is top-quality management, Knightsbridge has an active, skilled, and highly visible asset management team overseeing its portfolio. Generating maximum return to investors is Knightsbridge’s priority, and the firm pursues that objective by
focusing intently on tenant satisfaction and prudent asset management.