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Zossener Strasse 18 Kreuzberg

Knightsbridge Properties acquired Zossener Strasse 18 in 2009. This mixed-use building is a historical landmark located in the Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin at the heart of the city’s current cultural renaissance. Originally built in 1900, the mixed-use property consists of a five-story street front building and side wing, and includes 14 residential apartments, two retail tenancies and one commercial office.

Knightsbridge’s redevelopment included restoration of the attractive turn-of-the-century façade, a building-wide upgrade to the central gas heating system, new insulated windows, heat-insulation on the courtyard façade, restoration of stairwells, and a renewal of the roof deck. The property enjoys superior natural light and features a quiet interior courtyard open to neighboring properties. The residential apartments and retail tenancies are highly sought after.